Journal of Korean Society of Rural Planning

ISSN : 1225-8857 (print)

ISSN : 2288-9493 (online)

Editorial Board

Editorial Board
Editor -in-Chief Shin, Ji Hoon(Dankook University, Department of Landscape Architecture)
Associate Editors Yoon, Seong-Soo(Chungbuk National University, Department of Agricultural and Rural Engineering)
Im, Sang Bong(Korean Rural Community Corporation, Rural Research Institute)
Son, Yong-Hoon(Graduate School of Environmental Studies Seoul National University)
Gu, Jin Hyuk(nurinet)
Editorial Board Kil, Sung-Ho(Ecological Landscape Architecture Design,(Kangwon National University)
Nam, Won Ho(Hankyong National University, Department of Bioresources and Rural Systems of Engineering)
Bak, Seung Seok(Korea Rural Community Corporation )
Park, Han Sik(Myoung So IMC Co., Ltd.)
Park Jin-Wook(Faculty of Horticulture and Landscaping, Catholic University of Daegu)
Yoo, Seung Hwan(Chonnam National University, Department of Rural and Biosystems Engineering)
Jung, Nam Sik(Corporationregional activationcenter )
Chung, Won ho(Pusan National University, Department of Agricultural Economics)
Seong, Joo In(Korea Rural Economic Institute)
Cho, Young-Jae(Dept. of Rural & Agricultural Research, Chungnam Institute)
Bae, Seung-jong(Institute of Green Bio Science and Technology, Seoul National University)
Managing Editor Jung, Nam Su(Kongju National University, Department of Bio-Industry Engineering)